Color of the year


Oversized powder blue coat, similar here

Kate Spade mini maise here

Grey dress, mine is from Marshall’s, similar one here

Lace-up flats, mine are from Topshop, similar here and here

Cat eye sunglasses, mine are from Versona, similar here

Flower earrings from Icing, similar style here

Wearing Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Lollipop, here


I’ve never owned an oversized coat before this one, I found it in the Forever 21 website in December of 2014 and after looking at the color and seeing how perfectly it went with the style of the coat I just had to have it. Oversized coats have been a thing for a while now and I’m really loving the look. During the warm months I couldn’t wait to whip out this coat and figure out a way to style it, at first I wanted to do a look with it wearing black skinny jeans and some black booties. After coming back home from the winter break with a new purchase from Marshall’s (grey dress pictured above) and unpacking all of my clothes, I stopped and looked at my coat and the grey dress as I was fixing to hang it in my closet and Ding! I fell in love with the look just picturing it in my head, after that I searched for a cute bag to go with and there it was, my little Kate Spade Maise! Then on to the shoes, I picked one of my favorite pairs of flats, the lace-ups from Topshop. The pink and blue are very similar to Pantone’s color of the year for 2016, which are absolutely adorable! I love the way the coat and bag standout with my outfit, when trying to figure out what to wear under the coat I made sure to pick a color that wouldn’t get all the attention, since what I wanted to focus on was the coat and bag. Hope you all enjoyed the outfit! Have a fabulous day!

Andy C.

Kate Spade Sale!

image (4)

kate spade Maise

kate spade gold dots agenda

kate spade 3 piece rose gold earrings set

kate spade cedar street dot lacey wallet

kate spade fit & flare dress

*all pictures from


Kate Spade is my absolute favorite designer. If you’re girly and love polka dots, the color pink, stripes, then you need to go to the Kate Spade site here. I’ve been eyeing these items (except for the agenda cause I have it already but I thought i’d add it here since you might need it 🙂 ) for the longest time, especially the Maise bag because that is my favorite color. I just got the same agenda but with stripes instead of polka dots a few months ago and it is so cute! Planning and staying organized has never felt so fabulous! My favorite kate spade bag is the one pictured above, the Maise, the silhouette is just gorgeous and the colors are beautiful, I bought my first Maise a few months ago in a Tiffany blue color and I can’t wait to pop it out in the Spring! Oh yeah, and if you love the Maise, then you will love the Mini Maise and the Small Maise! Cause you know, you need one in every size right?! RIGHT! Oh, need an even smaller Maise to put on your Maise bags? Here’s a super cute extra mini Maise Keychain! Thank you Kate Spade! Go to the site to look at more good stuff on sale!

Andy C.

New Year=New Outfit


Kohl’s skirt

Tory Burch Kira Mini  (in black)

Fossil watch


Happy New Year everyone!

It is the start of a new chapter in our lives where we can start fresh and set new goals for the new year! My goals for the new year are to eat healthier as well as workout daily, focus more on school, and blog more often than usually do. To ring in the new year I decided to wear a new outfit, the top is from Marshall’s and I’m obsessed with the color and scalloped sleeves, and adding the gold belt and accessories made the look come together even better! What are your new goals for 2016? Did you wear a new outfit for the new year? Leave a comment below !



The Most Wonderful Time of The Year


What i’m wearing:

Forever 21 faux leopard coat similar here

Forever 21 sweater, similar here

Forever 21 crossbody bag, similar here

Kohl’s skirt

It’s the most wonderful time of year again everyone! Christmas is my favorite holiday and I’m so excited for tonight! The presents aren’t what is most exciting about Christmas time, it’s that smell of hot cocoa, baked goods, and the warm hugs from those that you haven’t seen in a while that makes you smile, and of coarse, the Christmas movies and music! My sister and I always look forward to watching movies together and toast up marshmallows in the fireplace. There’s someone special that I always miss this time of year and that is my wonderful boyfriend Austin, the man behind the camera lens, my #1 supporter. Before I left for the holidays we just had to go out on a special Christmas date, it was perfect. This outfit was a must for our christmas date, as the sun was setting we headed downtown to take some quick holiday inspired pictures for my blog then went to dinner at Fuente’s Restaurant, one of the best Mexican restaurants in San Angelo for sure, and then watched the beautiful christmas lights along the Concho River. Austin and I have gone to watch the christmas lights together since our freshman year, and every time we go back we just can’t believe how fast time has flown and how many fun years we have spent together and the memories we will continue to make. I can’t wait to reunite with him and our dog, Booboo, in January, but for now, I will continue to enjoy the holidays with my family and watch Elf over and over again! Hope you all have a very fabulous Christmas!



Tory Burch Boots


What I’m wearing:

Tory Burch Junction Riding boots

Joe Fresh top

Michael Kors bag


DSC_0460 (1)DSC_0461DSC_0462

Forever 21 dress

Tory Burch boots


This post is dedicated to my absolute favorite boots, the Tory Burch Junction boots which by the way are on sale right now for $339! I have been wanting Tory Burch boots for a while now and last month I started to save up for them and boom! I got them! I was so happy when I received them, I felt like a child at Christmas, ripping the package open and attacking the packaging to get to my present! I’m very pleased with the quality of the boots, the leather is gorgeous and has a pebbled texture, everything about them is just perfect! I wore them for a date night (first three pictures), and for Thanksgiving (last three pictures). I really love the way they look when worn with dresses, jeans still look cute though :). Overall, these boots are wonderful and if you’re thinking about purchasing these I say GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it :). Click on the Tory Burch link above to learn more about these boots.  As for the sizing, I would recommend to go a half a size up, mine are a little snug and I got them in a size 9 (which is my usual size), but they’re still comfortable :).




Go-To Fall Outfit


DSC_0173DSC_0183DSC_0175 DSC_0176

Every Spring and Summer I look forward to the big fluffy knitted sweaters, and gorgeous, colorful coats I get to wear. It’s the beginning of November and it’s still pretty warm in West Texas, meaning that I’m still not able to wear my favorite cold weather outfits. This long tunic sweater from Marshall’s is perfect for the fall-but-not-really weather, it’s light and flowy and looks like it’s too warm to wear in this weather because of the turtle neck but believe me, it’s perfect :). Being a busy graduate student is awesome but it sometimes means that I don’t get to spend much time in the morning to plan my outfit for the day. This kind of outfit is my absolute favorite for those days where I wake up late, or when i’m not in the mood to take a while to plan my outfit, or i’m not feeling well, or maybe just feel like dressing simple for the day. Adding a tassel necklace like the one i’m wearing from Versona Accessories, makes the outfit look a little dressier. Slip into your skinnies (or tights), put on your riding boots, grab your favorite leopard print ( or whichever bag you prefer, I’m obsessed with leopard print so my Fossil bag is always my go-to bag!)  bag and you’re good to go !

Here are a few items I found online that are also great for go-to fall outfits!

Tunic Sweater from Old Navy here

Faux Fur vest from Forever 21 here

Riding Boots from Tory Burch ( I need these ASAP!) here

Tassel Necklace from Versona here

Cheetah Print bag from Vera Bradley here

and remember to never forget to feel fabulous no matter what you wear !


Striped dress + Red flats

DSC_0138 DSC_0139 DSC_0142 DSC_0143 image 1 image 2

What I’m wearing:

 Topshop FINEST Ghillie Lac-up Flats in red (also available in black and leopard print)

Kate Spade Cat’s Meow small Maise (sold out)

Marshall’s dress

Fossil Watch

Versona accessories sunglasses

There’s something about navy blue stripes and red flats that just make your look go together perfectly, you don’t need a whole lot to make the outfit work. Ever since high school, I’ve had an obsession with striped shirts, dresses, skirts, etc. My mom used to walk into my closet and tell me that I needed to buy different clothes with different patterns because she got so tired of seeing me wear the same thing! I’ve gotten better at exploring with different prints but I still continue to obsess over striped clothes! These Topshop flats go perfectly with my striped dress and they are my absolute favorite shoes right now. The lace-up flats were all over Instagram and Pinterest this summer and when I found out that Topshop had them for only $45 I just had to have them!


Pops of Color

22 25 31 23 26 27 29 28

What i’m wearing:

Forever 21 Embroidered Top (old): similar here

Target skirt (old)

American Eagle Aviators: similar here

American Eagle Sandals: similar here

Zenith Leather Clutch (old)

As the summer days come to an end I make sure to wear all the cute, colorful, summer-y clothes I haven’t gotten to wear these past few sunny months. I found this embroidered top while I was on vacation in Florida last month and I just fell in love with it, it’s so light and flowy and the hint of embroidery just gives it a perfect touch. This pink skirt is perfect for summer and the fact that it was on clearance for only $6 at Target made it even more perfect! It’s got an interesting pattern and I just love how colorful it is, I’ve worn it with many different kinds of tops including tshirts and tank tops and it seems to go with almost any kind of shirt for the summer. That day I had planned on wearing a black and white shirt with a 1/3 sleeve length but it was very hot that day and I just needed something that would make me feel comfortable. As I looked around for another shirt to wear I noticed that I hadn’t worn my embroidered shirt since I bought it, I tried it on with the skirt and it was a perfect match! Everything about this outfit just screams summer to me, from the earrings, bracelets, the yellow and hot pink pops of color to the sandals! I hope my outfit inspires you to add a little (if not more) splash of color to your fabulous summer outfits. Leave a comment below and tell me about your colorful summer picks!



The Lily Pad Garden

edited2015-08-0607.43.27edited2015-08-0607.33.47lily pad gardenlily pad garden2Editededited2015-08-0607.28.23edited2015-08-0607.36.27

What I’m wearing: Cynthia Rowley skirt, Scalloped top from Marshall’s, Kate Spade bag, and MIA flats.

Ahhhhh yes… finally a new blog post. It’s been months since I posted and I feel awful about it. See what I hadn’t realized before is that blogging isn’t easy, it takes time, patience, and money to work on. It was very difficult for me to keep up with blogging since I had just gotten my first job ever as a Student Research Assistant for one of my college professors, It was my final semester as an undergrad so I was very stressed, I was an officer for two Psychology clubs at my college, I couldn’t find someone to take pictures for me since my friends and boyfriend had different schedules from mine, and I was searching for an affordable apartment and good roommates. I was able to overcome all the obstacles that came in way in the Spring and I’ve decided to continue blogging and just have fun with it. My boyfriend has decided to join me on this adventure and take pictures for me even though he hated the idea of having to take pictures for me at first, I’m glad he changed his mind about it!

I discovered this magical lily pad garden here in San Angelo last month. I have been living here four years and I didn’t even know this existed… and it’s not like San Angelo is huge so why on earth hadn’t I discovered this earlier? Well the lily pad garden is located in a park that is seriously right next to one of the most popular and biggest streets in town, you just can’t see it from the road because there’s so many trees surrounding it and from a distance it just looks like a regular park. The lily pad flowers are just so beautiful and colorful! This is definitely a must see when you’re visiting San Angelo! I was so happy that day when we took my pictures, I was so nervous/happy/excited/scared cause I wasn’t sure how they’d come out, and my boyfriend had never used my fancy Nikon camera before so he wasn’t sure what he was doing, but looking at the pictures I can tell he is a natural at it! After we finished with our little photo sesh, he turned to me and said “Well it wasn’t as bad as I thought” which made me smile 🙂 On our drive back to his apartment he began to give me ideas on where we should go shooting next and when we should go, I could totally tell that he was into this as much as I was! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and the pictures, and remember to never stop yourself from doing what you want to do just because you think you’ll fail at it!



I’m Ready For Spring!


Dress: LC Lauren Conrad Kohl’s Collection:

Flats: LC Lauren Conrad Kohl’s Collection (not available online, check your local Kohl’s store) Picture from:

Tote: Kate Spade (not available online, I bought it at my local Marshall’s):  Image from:,en_US,pd.html?dwvar_PXRU4353_color=774

Necklace: Forever 21:

Nail Polish: Sally Hansen:

I love winter so much and I always get bummed out when it comes to an end. But then I notice the many different colored flowers blooming outside and I can’t help but smile, it’s also the perfect time to bring out all those beautiful spring dresses that you purchased during the winter at such great low prices! I went to Kohl’s a few weeks ago and I ran towards the LC Lauren Conrad section like I always do and I spotted her striped challis dresses, I had to have them of coarse. But before I decided on whether I was going to be able to take them home with me there was one thing left to do, check the price tags ( the scariest part for me). And surprise! they were only $12.80! (original price: $64) I had to take both of coarse (Navy & Grey). I also got the pointed toe flats that day since they were only $15.99 and matched my dress (Original Price: $50). Look at me being a smart shopper :). I’ve listed just a few accessories that I plan on wearing to complete my new spring outfit. I love the color combination so much, I usually love to color block with very very bright colors but I like how the grey and white colors from the dress and flats tone down the yellows. Remember to never feel ashamed for shopping at the clearance sections at stores! I occasionally splurge sometimes but it’s still fun spending only $12.80 on an adorable dress, or $15.99 on a cute pair of shoes! Be a smart shopper! Go to the clearance sections and buy yourself something fabulous for a great low price! I’d love to read about the times when you felt like a smart shopper too! Leave a comment! 🙂

Love always, Andy