Kate Spade Sale!

image (4)

kate spade Maise

kate spade gold dots agenda

kate spade 3 piece rose gold earrings set

kate spade cedar street dot lacey wallet

kate spade fit & flare dress

*all pictures from katespade.com


Kate Spade is my absolute favorite designer. If you’re girly and love polka dots, the color pink, stripes, then you need to go to the Kate Spade site here. I’ve been eyeing these items (except for the agenda cause I have it already but I thought i’d add it here since you might need it 🙂 ) for the longest time, especially the Maise bag because that is my favorite color. I just got the same agenda but with stripes instead of polka dots a few months ago and it is so cute! Planning and staying organized has never felt so fabulous! My favorite kate spade bag is the one pictured above, the Maise, the silhouette is just gorgeous and the colors are beautiful, I bought my first Maise a few months ago in a Tiffany blue color and I can’t wait to pop it out in the Spring! Oh yeah, and if you love the Maise, then you will love the Mini Maise and the Small Maise! Cause you know, you need one in every size right?! RIGHT! Oh, need an even smaller Maise to put on your Maise bags? Here’s a super cute extra mini Maise Keychain! Thank you Kate Spade! Go to the site to look at more good stuff on sale!

Andy C.

2 thoughts on “Kate Spade Sale!

    1. Hi Caitlin! Thank you for visiting Fabulously Dressed! I love your pink knitted sweater from your latest post! And your boots are GORGEOUS! I’ve been wanting to purchase so thigh high boots for a while now but I might just wait for next winter? Still not sure! 🙂


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