Emerald Skirt


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H&M Emerald Skirt, similar style here and  here 

H&M Statement Top (On sale for only $6!!)

Leopard Bag (old) similar here and here

Vince Camuto Laceup Pumps, similar here and here

This emerald skirt is the perfect transition into fall, the shade is dark enough to be considered a fall color but the material is very light and still lets you breath for those crazy days when the weather is being bipolar (it’s also available in black and pink, click on the link above to see!). I purchased both the skirt and the statement top ( currently on sale!)pictured above, at the same time, and while I was placing them on a hanger in my closet one day, I looked at both and thought”Hmm, it’s an odd combination, but I like it, I think I’ll wear them together”, now I classify this as “odd” because although the top does have a lot of rainbow colors going on, it does not have an emerald color on it ( I usually enjoy matching with the same colors usually) , so it doesn’t quite match completely, but I thought that the emerald from the skirt really brought everything together and added a nice touch. I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Andy C.

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