Go-To Fall Outfit


DSC_0173DSC_0183DSC_0175 DSC_0176

Every Spring and Summer I look forward to the big fluffy knitted sweaters, and gorgeous, colorful coats I get to wear. It’s the beginning of November and it’s still pretty warm in West Texas, meaning that I’m still not able to wear my favorite cold weather outfits. This long tunic sweater from Marshall’s is perfect for the fall-but-not-really weather, it’s light and flowy and looks like it’s too warm to wear in this weather because of the turtle neck but believe me, it’s perfect :). Being a busy graduate student is awesome but it sometimes means that I don’t get to spend much time in the morning to plan my outfit for the day. This kind of outfit is my absolute favorite for those days where I wake up late, or when i’m not in the mood to take a while to plan my outfit, or i’m not feeling well, or maybe just feel like dressing simple for the day. Adding a tassel necklace like the one i’m wearing from Versona Accessories, makes the outfit look a little dressier. Slip into your skinnies (or tights), put on your riding boots, grab your favorite leopard print ( or whichever bag you prefer, I’m obsessed with leopard print so my Fossil bag is always my go-to bag!)  bag and you’re good to go !

Here are a few items I found online that are also great for go-to fall outfits!

Tunic Sweater from Old Navy here

Faux Fur vest from Forever 21 here

Riding Boots from Tory Burch ( I need these ASAP!) here

Tassel Necklace from Versona here

Cheetah Print bag from Vera Bradley here

and remember to never forget to feel fabulous no matter what you wear !


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