Pops of Color

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What i’m wearing:

Forever 21 Embroidered Top (old): similar here

Target skirt (old)

American Eagle Aviators: similar here

American Eagle Sandals: similar here

Zenith Leather Clutch (old)

As the summer days come to an end I make sure to wear all the cute, colorful, summer-y clothes I haven’t gotten to wear these past few sunny months. I found this embroidered top while I was on vacation in Florida last month and I just fell in love with it, it’s so light and flowy and the hint of embroidery just gives it a perfect touch. This pink skirt is perfect for summer and the fact that it was on clearance for only $6 at Target made it even more perfect! It’s got an interesting pattern and I just love how colorful it is, I’ve worn it with many different kinds of tops including tshirts and tank tops and it seems to go with almost any kind of shirt for the summer. That day I had planned on wearing a black and white shirt with a 1/3 sleeve length but it was very hot that day and I just needed something that would make me feel comfortable. As I looked around for another shirt to wear I noticed that I hadn’t worn my embroidered shirt since I bought it, I tried it on with the skirt and it was a perfect match! Everything about this outfit just screams summer to me, from the earrings, bracelets, the yellow and hot pink pops of color to the sandals! I hope my outfit inspires you to add a little (if not more) splash of color to your fabulous summer outfits. Leave a comment below and tell me about your colorful summer picks!



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