Plaid + Leopard


Gianni Bini Cardigan (On sale right now!)

Tory Burch Junction Boots

AE Jeggings

Versona Jewelry, cuff similar here, another cute necklace found here, earrings found here

Black turtleneck similar here ( for only $5!)

Target floppy hat

Similar leopard print handbag found here ( On sale! )


As you can tell from previous posts, I’m really loving the oversized look! It’s just something so new to me, throughout my High School years and most of my Undergrad years I liked the fitted, tight shirts look and never wore anything that fit baggy because I just didn’t think it looked right. But now that I’ve experimented a little more and gotten out of my comfort zone, I am so glad I tried the oversized look! That’s one thing that I love about fashion, there’s so many choices of everything to pick from! And as a lover of fashion I’ve made sure to always try something new, always go into a store and pick up at least one item that a few months ago I would say to myself “Ew, no, that’s too this or too that” and refrain myself from stepping out of my comfort zone or “the usual”. This oversized cardigan is extremely comfy! I wore it pretty much all day, It’s perfect for the cold weather because it almost feels like you’re wearing a blanket! Adding the floppy hat complemented the cardigan and made my outfit look a little bohemian which was great! I tried a few poses without the hat and Austin (my bf & the man behind the lens) said that the floppy hat was what made the outfit stand out! I’ve been going crazy with the really bulky, short statement necklaces that are in style right now but I didn’t want to clutter my outfit with a bulky necklace so I chose a long simple necklace from Versona, I really like the spikes at the bottom, It adds a nice touch without taking too much attention from my entire outfit :), and the earrings and cuff are just so cute and simple! Hope you all enjoy this outfit! Tell me about any instances where you stepped out of your fashion comfort zone and tried something new by leaving a comment below! If you see anything that I wore that interests you simply click on the links I have listed above! Have a fabulous day !


Andy C.

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